Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pop To Your Fullest Potential Party

I had a "Pop to Your Fullest Potential" party.  I really just love saying the name of the party. 

I tried to say it everytime I got a chance just because it made me smile. 

A bunch of Chelsea's friends from school and the neighboring school came over one afternoon
 to eat lunch and have a party.  All of these girls have such amazing potential.  Hoping to inspire them to be the best they can be. 

They started out by organizing their own game of "Sharks and Minnows."  Love how all the girls organize themselves into their own game. 
We then talked about the importance of popping to our full potential by being courageous and trying new things. I read a Popcorn Parable.  These girls are all so amazingly talented and sweet. 

The girls then drew a "new" activity out of a bowl. 

They worked on their new activity for 10 minutes. 
 Then they all shared what they did and learned with each other

The girls are listening to their friend recite a poem she wrote. 
The girls were:
hula hoopers
Note writers
joke teller
 We then broke out into groups and made these cute gumball machines. 


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